Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dividend and the Tintic Standard Mine

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Few today know the story of the Tintic Mining District, but over its long life it produced enough precious metals to have made it one of the richest mining areas in Utah. In total production it was an equal to Park City, and by 1959 the district was ranked 20th in the top 25 gold mining districts of the United States with 2,648,000 ounces produced. Figures for other metals are equally impressive, with 250 million ounces of silver, 250 million pounds of copper, 350 million pounds of zinc, and 2.2 billion pounds of lead produced district wide. By 1976, the estimated value at the time of production of all metals mined was an astounding $568,620,003, a figure which places the Tintic district second in state production behind the massive Bigham mine.

On all sides of the long, North- South Tintic Mountain Range, several mining camps sprung up, lived, and died during the 133 year period mining took place. Unlike some of Utah's better known mining districts, the lower and drier Tintic mountains are geographically unsuited to be revived by ski development, and has like so many other West Desert mining camps faded into near-obscurity. Historically the largest town in the district, Eureka, is today a shadow of its former self with approximately 600 residents. Over a ridge, Mammoth clings to life with only a few dwellings occupied year round. The other towns are today entirely deserted with only a few foundations and structures remaining to park their passing. This is the story of one of those towns, the town that would be known as Dividend...

East Tintic


The North Lilly

The Eureka Lilly


  1. If you're interested in the history of the Tintic Mining District, this article from an 1897 copy of the Mining and Metallurgical Journal is one of the best summaries of the district's early history I have found.

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